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R Twining & Company Ltd

By Appointment to:

HM The Queen

Tea and Coffee Merchants

HRH The Prince of Wales

Tea and Coffee Merchants

Twinings, the home of British tea and herbal infusions, with over 300 years of expertise. All our recipes are skilfully blended using the finest tea and herbs from ethically sourced producers all over the world. From our traditional blends to the new wonderful flavour combinations, we have the perfect tea for everyone.

Twinings was established by Thomas Twining in 1706. He also opened the world’s first dry tea and coffee shop, which you can still visit today, at 216 The Strand, London.

His philosophy was to have a reputation for doing one thing really well - the buying and blending of fine teas. We still work to this ethos today, through the skill of our Master Tea Tasters. Thanks to their great abilities, Twinings is able to source the finest teas from all over the world, and to blend it, so that quality is maintained year after year.

Phone: 01264 334477

10 Grosvenor Street 
W1K 4QY 
United Kingdom

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