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Local Associations and Links

The Royal Warrant Holders Association 

The Royal Warrant Holders Association was formed in 1840.
Its main objective is to ensure the continued existence of the Royal Warrant as a treasured and respected institution. It helps to administer applications for new Royal Warrants and changes to existing ones. It actively supports and encourages member participation in all five independently managed local associations, who are affiliated to the national association. 

The Royal Warrant Holders Association is not part of the Royal Household, but belongs to its members. It advises members on everything to do with their Royal Warrants and assists with the correct interpretation and implementation of The Lord Chamberlain's Rules, which govern the Royal Warrant.

Aberdeen Association of Royal Warrant Holders 

Following Queen Victoria's first visit to Deeside in 1848, a number of Aberdeenshire tradespeople found custom with the Balmoral Estate, the Monarch's private home in Scotland. In 1871, the Aberdeen Association was formally constituted, and it joined the national Association in 1931.

The Edinburgh Royal Warrant Holders Association


Founded in 1894 as the Edinburgh Association of Royal Tradesmen, this association changed its name to The Edinburgh Royal Warrant Holders Association in 1994, having joined the national Association in 1932. The Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh is HM The Queen's official Scottish residence.

Highgrove Royal Warrant Holders Association 

The newest of the local Associations, the Highgrove Association was formed in 2010. It is named after Highgrove House, the private family home of HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, in Gloucestershire.

Sandringham Association of Royal Warrant Holders 

The Sandringham Association was established in 1979 as a branch of the national Association. Most members of this Association are from the east of England or supply the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, HM The Queen's Norfolk retreat.

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