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Windsor Castle is very special, being in continuous use as a Royal Residence since William the Conqueror, making Windsor Warrant Holders one of the proudest associations of warrant holders.The Windsor, Eton & District Association is the oldest of the local associations. Its origins can be traced to 1810, when the tradesmen serving Windsor Castle first formally dined together. In 1827 the King provided a buck to roast for the annual banquet and this tradition continued until 1947, stopping only because of rationing after World War II. Since 1928, members of the Royal Household have been invited to the annual banquets and in 1962, The Duke of Edinburgh attended. It joined the National Association of Royal Warrant Holders in 1987. 



The objectives of the Association are:


  • To uphold the values and quality of service granted by the Royal Household and enshrined in the grant of the Royal Warrant to its members.

  • To promote the social integration and business networking of members with meetings and activities, including social and sporting events, visits to members’ businesses and charitable fund-raising activities.

  • To support and liaise with the National Association of the Royal Warrant Holders in the performance of its activities.

  • To support and liaise and raise funds for the Royal Warrant Holders Charity QEST and the Charity Fund.

  • To develop ‘local’ relationships with other organisations, business to promote a wider understanding of the values of the Association and its potential to contribute to and educate the community.

  • To encourage and support the development of crafts, apprenticeships and skills within the community.  

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