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The Windsor, Eton & District Association

It is the oldest of the local associations with origins that can be traced to 1810, when the tradesmen serving Windsor Castle first formally dined together.
Its primary objective is to uphold the values and quality of service granted by the Royal Household and enshrined in the grant of the Royal Warrant to its members.

It adds value to all through its work promoting:

 The Association recognises the  wider community in which it operates and actively works with the other local associations and national association to add value to its members. It  works with and supports local businesses, venues, events and initiatives. Windsor, Eton & District is also committed to building on the strong relationships with the Royal Household and in particular Windsor Castle.  



 The Association focuses on enabling the social integration and business networking of its members with meetings and activities, including social and sporting events, visits to members’ businesses and charitable fund-raising activities.

Events take place at local level as well as national and are open to and welcome all members. 



Two charities are supported by the Royal Warrant Holders and managed nationally; QEST which was established to help support and sustain traditional British craftsmanship, and The Charity Fund, a the Members’ Charity, established in 1902 and rejuvenated in 2013, which supports the charitable endeavours of employees of Royal Warrant-holding companies.

Windsor Castle is very special, being in continuous use as a Royal Residence since the era of William the Conqueror, making Windsor, Eton & District Warrant Holders Association one of the proudest associations of warrant holders. It is the oldest of the local association, and its origins can be traced to 1810, when the tradesmen serving Windsor Castle first formally dined together.




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